Patent Specialists

Our panel of Engineers both in Dallas and India can assist you in filing for patents. We specialize in:

  • Patent, Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Invention Development and free consultancy
  • Free Feasibility/ Usefulness Assessment on any idea with free guidelines.

Applying for a Patent

Applying for a patent is a time-consuming process that should not be left to "do it yourself" methods or cheap "fill in the blank" websites. A patent application is the most complex and detailed legal document there is.  Shortcuts are dangerous. At our Dallas and India offices we offer competitive flat fee rates to balance quality work with a reasonable fee.
Domestic Patent Services
Under current laws, typically the first person to file the patent application at the USPTO "wins" so to speak.  In other words, being the first person to invent something does not guarantee that you will own its patent or have a right to a patent. You must be the first to apply for the patent. We make it a point to be forthright and upfront in communicating the patent process.  We are there for you throughout the entire process. Clients may not be sure what type of patent is needed or when to pursue one: a provisional or non-provisional application covering the product's utility and functional aspects, or a design application covering the ornamental appearance of the product.  We explain the advantages and disadvantages along with expectant timelines.  After discussing your particular situation, we are able to propose a particular path right for you.
Foreign Patent Services

When dealing in international or foreign patents, the order in which you disclose and file your application makes a huge difference.  We have extensive experience with international patent applications (PCT) and foreign patent applications.  We have a close network of foreign associates throughout the world able to file your application.  Unlike a lot of patent lawyers who merely do a Google search to find a foreign associate, we have personally met with and interviewed all of our foreign associates and selected those who share our goals of producing the best quality work at the most reasonable fee.

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